FolderViewer 4.6

Complete tool for organizing your directories and folders

FolderViewer is designed to provide a completely new way of organizing your files. The application was originally developed for law firms to support the secretarial staff and lawyers to keep track of time-spent on documents per client and author.

FolderViewer it collaborates with MS Explorer, the Windows Namespace, the MS Internet Explorer, Google Desktop Search and last but not least you, the user. It helps you to list, print, (un)pack, rename, search, distribute and convert and edit files and images.

The files are presented on screen according to different views. There are already 50 different Views implemented in the program, but you can design as many as you want and save them to disc. All nearly 110 file properties (i.e. Author) and derived properties (i.e. Week number) can be used to group, filter, sort or search on.



FolderViewer 4.6

User reviews about FolderViewer

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  • willie

    by willie

    "Makes Google Desktop ten times more useful"

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